Want to Dance?

Interested in Learning to Square or Round Dance?

We can put you in touch with a Square Dance Caller or Round Dance Cuer in your area. Contact one of our Officers and we'll find a group near you.

Many callers run 2-3 New Dancer sessions each year. You can usually start with a 10 - 12 week session that will open the door to Square Dancing all over the world.

You can stop at 10 - 12 weeks and dance with what we call our Mainstream groups or go on with additional weekly sessions. It all depends on how much you enjoy the activity.

And of course, there are other aspects of Square Dance that you should know. In addition to the regular physical exercise, there is a level of mental stimulation that keeps you both physically and mentally alert. And it's fun.

Fun you say? You'd better believe it. If you enjoy dance of any kind, if you enjoy music, if you enjoy people, if you want to enjoy life, Square Dance will get you moving toward your goal of a more active life style.

Stand-alone Social Event

If an on-going dance activity is not what you want but would like to have a one-off social or fund-raising event for a family, a house of worship, social group, or civic group; many of our members can be hired to provide an enjoyable event of Square Dancing geared for people who rarely (or even never) Square Dance.